Vendor FAQ

Vendor FAQ

What is the process to become a vendor?

Prospective vendors can apply using this online form. VR verifies the application is filled correctly and then imports the data into our database. VR then send out the Vendor Agreement documents to the prospective vendor. The prospective vendor is not approved until all documents are returned complete and educational approval is granted.

How quickly can a vendor be approved?
How are vendors vetted?
How are vendors paid?
Why can’t we know why a prospective vendor was not approved?
Other charter schools seem to require less insurance, allow more at-risk activities etc. Why is that?
Why do you require proof that each employee at a small business is fingerprinted when other schools just make the owner sign a form?
Do vendors ever send out more information so we can learn about them?
Who should prospective vendors contact if they have more questions? Who should parents contact if they have questions about a vendor/prospective vendor?
How will I know when I can begin using a service vendor (or serving a student if you’re a vendor)? Can my student continue taking classes with a vendor who doesn’t have the PO in hand?
Can I learn more about the Director of Vendor Relations, who is making the final decision on vendor approval?

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