Board Meeting

May 14, 2008


Call to Order - Board meeting was called order at 6:05pm by Becky Cote.


Pledge of Allegiance - Those present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call Kim Beaumont, secretary, took roll. There are twenty-nine members on the school board. There were 15 members present.


Approval of Agenda


A motion was made and seconded to approve the agenda. The agenda was approved.


Approval of Board Minutes


There were some difficulties for board members in opening the attachment which contained the board minutes. Sue Sutherlin explained how to get the document open. The board members were reminded that the minutes could also be viewed at school website.


Some board members were concerned about access to the By-Laws of the Board. Becky explained that this was due to a difficulty with the reader attached to the document, which the school is working to correct.


After these difficulties were cleared up, Debbie Baher made a motion to approve the meeting minutes. Debra Wallace seconded that motion. The motion was carried by a unanimous vote.


Hearing of the Public


Becky Cote opened the meeting up for public questions and comment. Debbie Schatmeier asked why the school year started so early. (August 14, 2009) Janet Marsh explained that high school students who were taking classes at the junior college level had to have enough lead time to register and purchase books. This also made it possible to end the first semester before the Christmas break. This allowed for college finals and the posting of semester grades.


Action Items


A Becky introduced the idea of covering the cost of graduation with the money form eScrip. Mary Ann Shapiro explained that the exact expense were not known, but were anticipated to be around $300. Barbara enthusiastically made a motion that the school covers the graduation costs with the eScrip money. Nancy Garbini seconded the motion. The motion was carried with a unanimous vote.


Discussion items


A Update on STAR testing


The participation of students in STAR testing this year was over 96%. Reports from all sites were very positive. The parent volunteers were greatly appreciated. Only 83% of the 10th graders took the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam).


Barbara asked for the two percentages to be clarified. For a good AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) score, a school must have at least 95% of the eligible students attempt the required STAR testing. OGCS had 96% of the 2nd through 11th graders take the STAR, but only 83% of 10th graders take the CAHSEE. So, overall, the STAR participation was great, but we need to have all 10th graders take the CAHSEE.


B Committee Reports


Finance Committee has no new members or anything to report.


GEA Committee will work with Janelle Brewer. Mary Griffith will contact Janelle with ideas.


The Graduation Committee was unable to work on the graduation directly because of conflicts on dates. They asked to be contacted if they could do anything before from home. The graduation will have a more formal plan laid out for next year and will have specific jobs for committee members.


The Volunteer Coordination for STAR testing went well this year. The tally for all STAR rewards has been completed and the reward tickets, Discovery Bay, have been sent to the ESs to be distributed to the qualifying students at their last Learning Record meeting.


Debbie Baher offered that the Discovery Bay tickets were not a good incentive due to its location and the price of $30 per person to get in for the rest of the family. The problem with the prizes is:

1)     There need to be better suggestions made. There will be a survey for the parents early in the fall to determine some better options.

2)     The reward has to have some educational value in order for the school to purchase it for the students.

Mary Ann will be contacting people in the late summer to get the board committees up and running earlier so they can be more proactive next year.


C The voting for new board members is almost complete and the new board members will be announced in June. Becky read the By-laws regarding the election of board members.


Sue Sutherlin asked how many nominations were needed to complete the board. Kim Beaumont, the school secretary, did not have exact numbers, but she said that there were sufficient nominations for the voting.


Michelle Lockets asked if the change in secretaries, three in the last year, has affected the efficient maintaining of records, expecially regarding the board elections. Becky replied that there may be some discrepancies, and if the directors are alerted to them, they will be judged on a case-by-case basis. According to the by-laws, the directors do have the right to re-appoint people whose terms were complete even if they were not re-nominated. It was determined that the information regarding board members was current enough for this election, and the school would move forward from this point.


D The first board meeting for next year was set for Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 6pm.


Motion to adjourn the meeting was given by Sue Sutherlin and seconded by Lisa Gullman. The motion was carried unanimously by those present. The meeting was adjourned at 6:44 pm.


These minutes submitted by Mary Ann Shapiro

June 5, 2008