OGCS Charter School Board of Directors Meeting

March 25, 2009


Wednesday                                                                          OGCS Admin Office

6 PM                                                                                      16900 Hwy. 9

3/25/09                                                                                   Boulder Creek, CA. 95006


1.      CALL TO ORDER-Mary Ann Shapiro


3.      ROLL CALL: In attendance: Becky Cote, Director; Janet Marsh, Director; Mary Ann Shapiro, Educational Liaison; Parent Council: Cheryl Aguirre, Becca Ackermann, Robin Bayer, Stacey Brower, Mary Burns, Deborah Dietz, Nancy Garbini, Mary Griffith, Lisa Gullman, Linda Koflanovich, Barbara Lincoln, Lisa Litchfield, Rosa Meyer, Philip Mills, Suzanne Nichols, Michele Price, Mark Purcell, Delyna Reil, Jan Schultz, Tina Swanson, Deborah Wallace, Kim Wickstrum, Jacqueline Williams, Mindy Ybarra.

4.       APPROVAL OF AGENDA Mary Griffith; Second by: Nancy Garbini


Members of the public may be heard on any item.  A person addressing the Council will be limited to 3 minutes, unless the Site Administrator grants a longer period of time. Comments by members of the public on an item on the agenda will only be allowed during consideration of the item by the Council. Kim Wickstrum: The vendor list is not user friendly. Anything we can do? Janet: The school bought this format. We have to live with it for now; to change it would incur a large development cost.



A.      Consent Agenda

Prior to vote, Robin Bayer requested to approve separately, inquired as to why the board is asked to approve together. Becky Cote responded that these documents were sent as attachments to each member prior to meeting for review. Unless there are errors apparent, this is standard procedure to insure accountability. Robin further mentioned that she did not receive Financial Committee documents for review. Mary Ann Shapiro stated that they were sent out and that only one member responded. Mary Ann also sent out statement releasing liability to board members, as they only review documents. Janet confirmed that the school is following protocol as directed by our sponsoring District.

                     Motion to approve Consent Agenda: Nancy Garbini; Second by Rosa Meyers.

            Board voted to approve Nov. 5 and Feb. 18 Minutes and the Acceptance of Finance Committee                  Recommendation to approve pay warrants mentioned above.  Vote results: 18 Yes/1 Abstention. Passed.


B.      Expenditure of fundraising monies. Mary Ann: $649. 00 in E-Script acct. Would like to allocate $300.00 toward graduation ceremony expenses and STAR testing. STAR testing expenses for water and light snack for kids who don’t bring lunch. Total STAR expenses=$150. ($25. Per site). Becky: Seeking Board approval because last year Site Coordinators paid for these items out of pocket. Graduation expenses include cake, punch, paper plates/cups, and balloons.          

Motion to approve expenditure:        Barbara Lincoln 

Seconded by:           Kim Wickstrum   


C.      Adopt the updated Suspension/Expulsion Policy for Ocean Grove Charter School. (See attached document) Purpose for Review, Janet Marsh: Although OGCS has never had to expel/suspend a student, it was discovered that this document as published in the Parent Handbook conflicts with the original charter document. Difference pertains to steps of procedure, and how many people are on the Hearing Committee. Proposal is to approve original document to remain consistent with Charter, as this is crucial to charter renewal process. Barbara Lincoln stated that she preferred the website version, as original seems hasty. Janet said that upon approval of the original document, steps can be taken to revise it per Board suggestion. Janet: Our original policy follows Ed. Code. Barbara may write up suggestions for review when this is sent to the sponsoring District. Motion to approve: Mary Griffith; Second by Nancy Garbini; 17 Yes/ 3 Abstentions; passed.





A.      WASC Information-Becky: Focus groups are forming for the upcoming Focus Group meetings, April 1, 2009 and May 1, 2009 via WebEx conference call. Trainings for Focus Groups will occurred on March 24, 2009.Focus Group meetings will span about 2 hours and cover specific topics pertaining to accreditation, such as Governance, Curriculum, and Profile.  Focus groups are comprised of parent, teacher, and student volunteers will submit to school Administration their unique input, perspective, and recommendations in the form of a summary. These summaries will be included in the WASC report, and presented to visiting team. Mary Ann will come to STAR test sites to answer parent questions on this process. Mary Ann requested to Board to recruit High School Students to volunteer for Focus Groups; it is a great experience, and looks good on a resume and college application. Mary Ann has contacted all WASC Committee members to attend sub-committee meeting, and only one responded. Becky stated that reminder calls will be put out for next time. Delyna Reil mentioned that there was some trouble logging into the call, Mary Ann suggested to keep trying, as it does not always happen right away. Mary Ann will provide her cell phone number so that she can provide assistance to log on to the conference call. WASC team will arrive late Feb.-early March, 2010. Barbara Lincoln, WASC Committee member, volunteered to serve on a Focus Group. Barbara Lincoln suggested an email be put out to parents at large recruiting for Focus Group.

B.      OGCS Charter Renewal-Becky: OGCS is currently in the process of charter renewal. In April Administrators, along with Educational Liaison Eric Schoffstal, will dialogue with our sponsoring District regarding the possibility of early charter renewal. No updates to report at this time.

C.      Graduation review-Mary Ann Shapiro: Graduation ceremony is planned for Saturday, May 16, 2009 at the Resource Center Amphitheater in Boulder Creek. Commencement is 3:00 for 8th Grade graduates, 4:00 for High School Graduates. A cake/punch reception will follow. Scheduled speaker is Joseph Moran, a .com businessman who created his own successful company, then retired early to home school his own children. High School students have received information to order caps and gowns. That deadline was March 22. To date, 13 High School students and 19 8th Grade students will be participating in the ceremony.

D.    Board Committees-GEA Committee:  Group Educational Activities have been confirmed for the rest of the year. We need suggestions for next year. With advance notice, there will be no confusion due to time constraints. 

Special Note from Becky Cote: Thank you to all Board Members for attending tonight’s meeting. We achieved a quorum, were able to vote! We are now beginning the process of Board Elections for next year. You will be notified if your term is up. Nominations will be accepted. You may nominate yourself or another parent.

Janet: Appreciated the commitment of all to show up for the meeting.

8.      ADJOURN:

Motion to adjourn by: Kim Wickstrum; Second by: Lisa Gullman