OGCS Charter School Board of Directors Meeting


Wednesday                                                                     OGCS Admin Office

6 PM                                                                                 16900 Hwy. 9

11/05/08                                                                                          Boulder Creek, CA. 95006


1.      CALL TO ORDER, by Mary Ann Shapiro. 


3.      ROLL CALL—Members present were: Robin Bayer, Mary Burns, Nancy Garbini, Mary Griffith, Lisa Gullman, Linda Koflanovich, Silivia Lakoduk, Barbara Lincoln, Suzanne Nichols, Michele Price, Mark Pursell, Debbie Schatmeier, Sue Sutherlin, Deborah Wallace, Kim Wickstrum, Mindy Ybarra.  Administrators present: Becky Cote (Director), Janet Marsh (Director), Mary Ann Shapiro (Educational Liasion).

4.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA Lisa Gullman motioned to approve Agenda. Sue Sutherlin seconds. Passes unanimously.

5.      HEARING OF THE PUBLIC: Robin Bayer requests that members of the Finance Committee have access to an administrator or OG/IEM employee to clarify terms and format of the financial report so that members understand what they are reviewing. Becky Cote responds: she will talk to Randy Gaschler to set up a meeting for the Finance Committee. She requests the Finance Committee first suggest several available dates as meeting options. Becky offered her email and Mary Ann Shapiro’s email address for questions/support as well. Suzanne Nichols requested clarification on the duties of the Finance Committee member. Janet responded that a role description is not included in the OG By-Laws because the creation of the committee is a requirement of our sponsoring district in order to insure adequate review of expeditures. The FC does not manage the spending (IEM does that), but the committee reviews the expeditures, and would question/report anything irregular. In the event an irregularity was identified, the situation would be investigated further by Ocean Grove/IEM.  Janet defined “approval” as having reviewed a document, then the Board or Financial Committee is recommends the final approval.  Becky added that the school employs an independent auditor, and that we have a great record, and that we are in the black.





A.     Approval of August 27, 2008 minutes.

Motion to approve minutes by Sue Sutherlin                                                            

Seconded by Debbie Schatmeier                                                                                 

(unanimous approval)

B.     Ratification of ‘08 OGCS Budget Cash Flow statement (See attached PDF ‘08 Budget Cash Flow Report).  Previously reviewed by OGCS Finance Committee.

        Motion to approve minutes by Sue Sutherlin                                                                          

        Seconded by Silvia Lakoduk                                                                                       

C.      Ratification of pay warrants for the months of May through September, 2008. (See attached PDF file “MayAug08”).  Previously reviewed by OGCS Finance Committee.

Motion to approve minutes by Robin Bayer                                                                        

Seconded by Nancy Garbini                                                                                    




A.     WASC Information: Becky described the WASC process/Home and Action Committees. Will meet early Dec. with WASC Committee to discuss what needs to happen to prepare for accreditation 2012.

B.     OGCS Charter Renewal: Becky reported that OG is up for charter renewal for another 5 year term. She described this as a review process with our sponsoring district in which she, Janet Marsh, John Wilberger, and Eric Shofstall will attend in the next few weeks. She reported that the prospect of renewal looks positive. Becky will report to Board of Directors when the sponsoring School Board has made their final decision.  Mary Griffith asked when the charter ended, Becky responded: “end of fiscal year, 2010”.

C.     Graduation review:   Mary Ann announced graduation date: Saturday, May 16, 2009 in the amphitheater at the Ocean Grove Resource Center. Commencement is 12:00 for the 8th graders, 3:00 for the High School graduates. Mary Ann reported that we will be using a different cap/gown company this year, as the last company was not professionally accommodating to last minute issues. Mary Ann requested that the Graduation Committee begin researching speakers for the commencement ceremony. Mary Ann and Becky would like to have all suggestions for speakers submitted by January, 2009.

D.     Board Committees  Referring to the Preliminary Committee list document, Mary Ann said that some may not have received the most current copy. This will be checked into, and if necessary, a more current document will be sent out to Board Members. Committee members are listed in accordance to the committee they volunteered for in the Fall. Others will be appointed to committees. Fundraising Committee: The Quality of Life cards have still not been received from Nob Hill.  GEA Committee: Mary Ann requests this committee submit ideas for next year: anything that is interesting their own families collectively will be considered. Mary Ann requests these suggestions be emailed to her. Yearbook Committee: As this committee collects ideas, resources, they will email Janet and Becky for approval.  STAR Testing Committee: Mary Ann wants to put out a email to encourage parents to participate due to the fact that Ocean Grove is a public school and we collect state money. She said that if parents have a positive attitude, and coach kids using our online resources, our scores will increase. Becky added that as a school, we have a bright group. She reported that the first year Ocean Grove was in operation, our scores were quite high, but that since then the API/test scores have been declining. She suggested that a reason could be that the test is not being completed by the student. She said that Educational Specialists are addressing this issue in focus groups. Becky mentioned that student participation directly affects charter renewal, as the district wants to encourage students to do their best. Becky stated that although we may not agree with the philosophy behind standardized testing, we are all called to the charge to do our best, and set a good example, as it is a privilege to be able to use APA money. Becky emphasized that we equip parents with knowledge about the standards, and that parents have flexibility and choice as to methodology; that there is not a requirement to “teach to the test”. To offer parents resources in preparing for the tests, Janet and Becky offered the following in response to Mary Griffith’s request: Get a practice test online and practice 1-2 weeks before. Go to assessment link on ogcs.org for online resources and curriculum help. Scantron scores can be a predictor of where your student is at standards-wise: ask for a report from the ES.

E.      Spelling Bee Info  Mary Ann reported that this year Ocean Grove has the opportunity to participate in the Scripts-Howard Spelling Bee. The preliminary round will be held in Santa Clara Valley. The winners of the preliminary round will have the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for the finals.


3.      ADJOURN: Move to adjourn: Mary Ann Shapiro; second Sue Sutherlin. Accepted unanimously.


This agenda was posted at least 72 hours at the IEM, Inc. Offices, 1166 Broadway Ste. Q, Placerville, CA, San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District, and Ben Lomond, CA. It was also posted at Ocean Grove Charter School, 16900 Hwy. 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006


Minutes prepared and submitted by Kim Beaumont, Ocean Grove Secretary