Ocean Grove Charter School

16900 No. Highway 9

Boulder Creek, CA 95006


Charter Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday October 10, 2006



1. Call to Order

    The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm, 16900 N. Highway 9, Boulder Creek.

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Roll Call

The parent council members present were Mary Burns, Dedra Card, Kari Hendricks, Laurie d’Armien, Nancy Garbini, Kim Gerami, Mary Griffith, Rosa Meyer, Silvia Lakoduk, Lisa Gullman, Philip Mills, Charlotte Monte, Suzanne Nichols, Mark Pursell, Sue Sutherlin, Deborah Wallace, Debbie Schatmeier, Sheri Calderon,  Kendra Glick, and Sue Debenedetti.


Members of the public may be heard on any item.  A person addressing the Council will be limited to 3 minutes, unless the Site Administrator grants a longer period of time.  Comments by members of the public on an item on the agenda will only be allowed during consideration of the item by the board.

No one addressed the Council at this time.




Items on the Consent Agenda are
considered to be consistent with school policies and carry the recommendation of the Administration. The Consent Agenda may be enacted by one motion with a Roll Call vote. There will be no separate discussion of the items unless a board member or citizen so requests, in which case the designated item(s) will be considered following approval of the remaining items.

9.01  Personnel and Business Services
a. Ratification of Employment and Resignation Report ( See attached  “Second OGCS Certificated and Classified Employees Report”)
b. Ratification of 06-07 OGCS Budget Cash Flow statement (See attached pdf 06-07 budget cash flow report). Previously reviewed by OGCS Finance Committee.


c. Ratification of pay warrants for the months of Feb. through June, 2006. See attached pdf file “FebJun06”. Previously reviewed by OGCS Finance Committee.

Motion to Approve the Consent Agenda was given by Lisa Gullman,

Seconded by Nancy Garbini.

Roll Call was taken.  19 votes were in favor of approving the Consent Agenda, 1 vote abstained as the board member had not reviewed the necessary reports.



A.  Duties of Board Members

B.  Review of the Brown Act for the Board by Michael Talerico

C.  Graduation and other school committee needs for 06-07 by co-directors Becky Cote and Janet Marsh.



Mary Burns motioned to adjourn the meeting at 6:40 p.m.  Sue Sutherlin seconded the motion.



This agenda was posted at least 72 hours at the IEM, Inc. Offices, 1166 Broadway Ste. Q, Placerville, CA, San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District, Ben Lomond, CA. It was also posted at Ocean Grove Charter School, 16900 Hwy. 9, Boulder Creek, CA. 95006