AB130 was approved by the state on July 9, 2021. This budget trailer bill was an astounding 398 pages, dealing with many aspects of public education. You can review the bill here. Highlights of the bill that are most relevant to IEM are included on this page


  1. The bill had a provision extending the length of current charters by two years! This means our current charter petition will now expire on June 30, 2027, and we will need to seek charter renewal at that time.  
  2. Our independent study policy has been updated to reflect new language and for the 21-22 school year ALL families must sign a student agreement addendum that contains new required language. Make sure to read this document carefully! For future years, our student agreement will be updated to reflect the new requirements so that no additional addendum is needed. Some of the new language includes:
    1. Academic and other supports for pupils who are not performing at grade level, or need support in other areas, such as English learners, foster and homeless youth, students with exceptional needs, and pupils requiring mental health support
    2. Evaluation process to address missed assignments and satisfactory educational progress
    3. Parent communication regarding tiered reengagement strategies for those not generating attendance
  3. Schools must verify students are engaged in learning on a DAILY basis. Parents must now log into the parent portal and mark the daily engagement log on a DAILY basis. Failure to do so will trigger the required conference listed below. We want to know as soon as possible if our students are struggling and your marking engagement on a daily basis will alert us early on if a student needs help.
  4. If a student is not engaged in learning for 3 or more days a week (as evidenced by the daily engagement log parents must fill out) or if the student is not making satisfactory progress, then a “tiered reengagement conference” consisting of the pupil-parent-teacher is required to determine if independent study is the appropriate educational placement for the student.
  5. Schools must track student progress, standards, and grades, therefore ALL students will be receiving a report card. TK-8 students will receive a standards based assessment on the report card. 7th and 8th graders can request letter grades on the report card in lieu of the standards based assessment. High school students will receive letter grades on the report card. This is in line with best practices and helps provide more legitimacy to learning that takes place in our non-traditional model of education. 
  6. Schools must provide students the “opportunity” for live (synchronous)  instruction and/or interaction, depending on the grade level of the student. The live instruction must be done by the teacher of record. The interaction can be done by any school staff member. Participation in these offerings must be tracked. These are great opportunities for your child to get additional instruction and interaction with school personnel and we highly encourage our students to attend these sessions!


  • For high school students, the opportunity for weekly live instruction is provided either through AESSB with your ES, where they meet the student weekly to provide instruction, or through the opportunity to take a CBi (Class Based instruction) virtual course, taught by one of our own teachers.  High school students enrolled in one of the Special Education classes or ELD classes count towards this opportunity as well.
  • For TK-8 students, the opportunity for daily/weekly live instruction is provided by the ES. Each ES will host one office hour per day. During that office hour, they will have a mini-lesson prepared to provide instruction for any of their TK-8 students that show up. We highly encourage you to take advantage of these instructional opportunities with your ES as it will greatly support your child’s learning and build a bond between them and their ES.
  • For 4-8 grade students the opportunity for daily interaction can be fulfilled through the ESs office hour or through attending one of our virtual clubs, or a field trip, or any other engagement with a school staff member. 
  • For TK-8 students, ESs must track student participation in the instructional or interaction opportunities. They will track and report this on an attendance sheet. For high school students participating in AESSB the ES will track that and if the student is taking a CBi class, the CBi teacher will keep track of participation. 

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