A fun opportunity to bring history to life for students in grades 3rd through 8th!
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A fun opportunity to bring history to life for students in grades 3rd through 8th. 

  • Research a historical figure
  • Create a 1-minute monologue/speech based on your research
  • Dress in costume and give your speech/monologue live on Zoom

Biography Research Notes - Using online sources or informational books, research your figure, including accurate historical information to describe his/her life and his/her impact on history.


Character Costume - Create an appropriate costume that reflects what the historical figure would wear or look like. You may purchase part or all of your costume, or use everyday objects & materials around you. It should be representative of the figure and recognizable as something that person would wear in his/her time. On the day of the presentation, you will wear the costume as you are taking on the persona of your historical figure.


Prop - Create or find an appropriate prop that your historical figure would use/have/need in everyday life. It should be appropriate to his/her lifestyle and civilization, for example: shield, headpiece, writing materials, jewelry, tool, etc. 


One-Minute Monologue/Speech - This is something that is spoken by you as the historical figure. You must introduce yourself as the person and explain who you are and how you are important to your time. Use information from your research to create your speech. You may use your prop(s) at this point.


“But, how do I become my famous person!?”

I am glad you asked that question.  First, you need to learn all about them.  Start from when they were a child.  If possible, find out where they grew up, what kind of education they received, and if there were important events that influenced their life.  Most importantly, focus on their adult life and learn about anything important they accomplished.  Gather all this information together and study! You will be given a research worksheet to help guide you through the process.



  • February 15th Select historical figure and submit selection
  • March 8th  Complete research and create speech/monologue
  • March 22nd - 26th - Zoom Presentations of speech/monologue

If interested in participating or if you have any questions, please fill in this form and more information will be sent to you!    30 spots available.

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