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Kidzmet is an online assessment for 2nd through 8th grade students that considers Jungian personality types, multiple intelligences, and learning style preferences to provide parents and ESs with a well-rounded view of a child as a person. Kidzmet results are a major component of the student profile used by The Curriculum Wizard in making solid curricular recommendations which students respond well to and which have been found to be effective with an individual’s learning style.


Logging in to Kidzmet


Students can take the Kidzmet assessment within 72 hours of activated enrollment in an IEM school using a computer or tablet. A paper version is also available (see FAQs below).


  1. Kidzmet works best with Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.



  1. For students in grades 2-8, please bookmark the following link:


  1. Students can login using the link above, our Kidzmet account ID, their student ID number, and password (all listed below).
    • South Sutter students use 186
    • Ocean Grove students use 187
    • Sky Mountain students use 188
  • STUDENT ID: Individual student number (please obtain from your ES)
  • INITIAL PASSWORD (for all schools): 7U78T&G%4 (please type in the password, do not do a copy/paste).
  • If you change, but can’t remember your password, please use Kidzmet Password Reset Form


  1.  After initial login, please change your Kidzmet password, by clicking on your name in blue in the upper right-hand corner after you are logged in.  

Video: Changing your Kidzmet Password

  1. The inventory itself should take no more than 20 minutes for students to complete.
  2. Make sure students select theimage8button if they do not finish the inventory in one session. If a student does not finish in one sitting, he/she can log in to complete the remainder of the profile anywhere wifi is available (home, classroom, library, etc.). Results will not be generated until the survey is completed.


  1. Once the student is finished, you can view their profile.


  1. For your convenience, here is a short Kidzmet Student Login Demonstration.


  1. Please inform your ES when your child has completed the assessment. Your ES will then send a complete snapshot of your child’s results. The snapshot will include a comprehensive presentation of recommended approaches and tactics to learning, plus a summary of each learner’s strengths and the ways to use those strengths in planning lessons.


  1. Can’t log in? Can’t remember what you changed your password to?

Kidzmet Password Reset Form



Q: Why aren’t high school students included in Kidzmet?
A: Kidzmet is one small piece of the Curriculum Wizard. The wizard is not able to make appropriate projections of curriculum for the many high school course options our schools offer.

Q: How can a K-1 student access a similar assessment? Why aren't K-1 students included in Kidzmet?

A: Current research shows that children under 4 or 5 have only a few defined personality traits, therefore, gaining a true personality profile is difficult. Here is an online K-1 option that may suit a younger student's needs: Personality Test For Kids

Q: How can a parent or high school student access a similar profile assessment?

A: Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Q: How can students have access to the assessment if they don’t use technology/computers?

A: A paper version of the Kidzmet Assessment is provided for each student, through their ES, if technology is not an option. Once completed, the ES will manually enter the student’s answers into the student’s Kidzmet account to obtain profile results. Parents, please fill out the paper survey and provide it to your ES. Make sure your student’s name is printed at the top.

Q: What if parents want access to the Kidzmet assessment for themselves or other children in the family?

A: Parents can purchase their own Kidzmet memberships for $10 using out of pocket funds. Instructional Funds cannot be used for these additional assessments.

Included in the $10 personal Kidzmet membership:

  • Profiles for up to 60 individuals so that a family can profile not only their kids, but potential caregivers, tutors, and coaches to determine whether or not their personalities “fit”
  • Dashboard showing quick links to everyone you profile
  • eCopy of A Parent’s Playbook for Learning
  • eCopy of 101 Activities to Stretch and Strengthen Your Child’s Multiple Intelligences

To sign up:

  1. Visit Once logged in by creating account, click the red “enroll now” button.
  2. Use the coupon code for the discount: IEM!parents
  3. Parents set up the account using their child's name and IEM Student ID.

Once parents are signed up, they email their child's name and student number to  and the students IEM account will be linked to the parent account as well.

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