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We commit to providing innovative public education environments for students, their parents and teachers by empowering them to collaboratively create learning opportunities which will develop responsible and contributing members of society.


  • General Work Permits are required for students aged 14-18 seeking employment at industries such as fast food, restaurant, etc. An employment offer is required for issuance of a work permit.
  • All work permits take up to 5 workdays for the school to process (not available during school holidays).
  • All forms must be filled out completely and correctly to be processed.
  • All work permits and hours of employment are contingent on ES recommendation.

Steps Families Need to Complete

  1. Notify your ES that your student is interested in obtaining a general work permit.  Your ES will submit your work permit request through a work permit approval/denial survey which will be reviewed by our Guidance Department.

  2. Download and complete Statement Of Intent To Employ A Minor And Request For Work Permit– Certificate Of Age. Please follow these instructions carefully:
    • Print legibly (blue or black ink) or type.
    • Fill in ALL areas of the “Intent to Employ” form completely.  The Student’s Social Security Number is required.
    • Under “For Employer to Complete” your employer must provide sufficient detail under “Minor’s Work Duties” i.e. description of job responsibilities, tasks, duties to be performed by the student, etc. For any unspecified work duty descriptions, the form will be returned to the student so that the employer can supply specific detail. Failure to provide specific detail will delay the process in obtaining your work permit.
    • Employer’s Name and Signature
    • Date and Signature of Parent or Guardian and Minor
    • Maximum number of hours that the minor will be working.

3. The parent/student will provide their completed work permit request form to directly their ES (whether by mail, email, fax, in person, etc. PDFs only, no photos/jpegs).

4. Within 5 business days after receipt, IEM will send you an email indicating whether our Guidance Department approved or denied your permit request.

  • If your permit request is approved, you will receive a courtesy email indicating so as well as a copy of the student’s Permit to Employ and Work document (i.e., the General Work Permit).
    • mail original student’s Permit to Employ and Work document to the employer
    • file a copy at our central office records department
    • If requested, mail you a copy for your personal records

  • If your permit request is denied, the email will state so.  Please consult your ES for further details.

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